The center of Health Gives Hope activities is the Hidota Health Center in Bora, Ethiopia, a rural, agricultural village in the mountains of southern Ethiopia.  Bora does not have running water, electricity, or access to medical or health services.  Medical and health services are both inaccessible (villagers must walk 6 miles/10km.) and unaffordable for those living in Bora.  The nearest medical facility has 1 doctor for every 60,000 people.


According to the most recent estimates (2010), Ethiopia ranks 32nd out of 184 countries for highest maternal death rates: there are 350 maternal deaths for every 100,000 live births (CIA World Factbook).  According to estimates, Ethiopia ranks 29th out of 224 countries in infant mortality rates: 58 out of 1,000 children die between birth and age one (CIA World Factbook).   However, we believe these rates are considerably higher in Bora given the lack of access to medical and health services. 


Through direct care and education, Health Gives Hope engages in activities designed to reduce maternal and infant mortality, and ensure child health.  General clinic services are also provided to the residents of Bora and the surrounding areas.  Additionally, Health Gives Hope believes that maternal and infant mortality can be reduced by giving families access to clean water and basic sanitation.  Clean water and sanitation will improve the health of entire communities.