Baby Israel

One year old Baby Israel was carried into the Hidota Health Center in his mother’s arms around 2pm. He was so week, even unable to hold his head up. Normal clinic activites were stopped and immediate, emergency attention was given to the him. An IV was started and antibiotics given for whatever the potential source of the illness was. Baby Israel was checked every 15 minutes but was showing no signs of improvement. Several hours later, as the clinic was ending at sunset, he was still so lethargic, was vomiting, had a fever, and had not urinated despite taking fluids for 4 hours!
The decision was made that he needed care through the night. Baby Israel’s family lived in another community, but he and his mother came with the medical team to the compound where they were staying. The team packed bags of medical supplies, collaborating in order to think of every possible situation that could arise and to brainstorm a comprehensive list of potential causes of the illness.
Finally everything was ready and a makeshift mobile ICU descended from the Hidota Health Center a mile down to where the team sleeps.
Upon arrival, Awashi, our host mother in the village, welcomed Baby Israel and his mother to stay for the night. Chief Senta and Israel Dejene, Health Gives Hope’s National Director, prayed for the baby. The hospitality and faith were moving for all!
Heather (NP), Amber (NP) and Benji (RN) set up a makeshift hospital room in a hut. Sleeping bags were moved in and alarms were set to ensure the baby was checked on throughout the night. The team continued to give IV fluids, antibiotics on a schedule, and Tylenol and ibuprofen as needed. 13 hours after Baby Israel’s arrival at the clinic, he finally had urine output around 3AM. It was a step in the right direction, though he remained lethargic and continued vomiting through the night.
During the night, the diagnosis became more clear… a terrible, distinct cough… Pertussis, whooping cough. The team knew the antibiotic that was needed and knew that everyone had been exposed to this very contagious illness.
By morning, Baby Israel was slightly better but not well enough to stop the IV fluid. Around a dozen of his family members came from their home village to visit that morning. It was incredible to see so many people come from so far away to show love and support for this child and his mother.
Heather, Amber, and Jon and Angie (both Pharmacists) hiked up to the Hidota Health Center to get the medication for Pertussis - doses were given to the baby, as well as to everyone that had had close contact with him. This included Baby Israel’s twin brother. While he did not have any symptoms, prevention is so important.
It was time for the team to hike down from the village, but Heather, Amber and Benji remained in Bora to continue to care for the baby for as long as possible. By noon, he finally turned the corner and very soon he was breastfeeding again, walking around (and even fighting with his twin brother!).
When Baby Israel had first arrived to the Hidota Health Center in his mother’s arms 24 hours prior, the Health Gives Hope team was not sure that he was going to survive. But now there had been a miracle. Because of prayer, medical intervention, the commitment of the team, and the hospitality of our hosts, a miracle has occurred for this family. He was nearly dead, and now he is fully alive!

Without the Hidota Health Center, the woman would not have survived her injuries.

Chembeda was brought by her family to the Hidota Health Center to be seen by the volunteer medical team. She suffered severe injuries to both of her legs during a farming accident. She was initially taken to the nearest hospital 6 miles from Bora but they were not equipped to appropriately treat her injuries. The medical team was able to provide advanced treatment and medication. After the team left, the woman came to Hidota for her daily dressing changes. Israel Dejene, Health Gives Hope’s National Director, said, “Without the Hidota Health Center, the woman would not have survived her injuries. No one could give her the treatment she needed to live. She has small children and a husband that need her. She is now healed and back to farming to help provide for her family.” The Hidota Health Center is making a difference in Bora, Ethiopia.


Baby Amber

Gabra’s husband came to the Hidota Health and asked
 us to help. He brought us to his home, a traditional family hut in a rural mountain village in Bora, Ethiopia. Gabra had just delivered a child in the middle of the night, having labored for almost 2 days. When we arrived, she was severely dehydrated, feverish, and weak. She was showing signs of infection and was worsening quickly. After receiving medical care from Health Gives Hope’s Program Director, Amber Kaufman, Gabra recovered and was able to enjoy time with her new baby. Out of gratitude, they named their baby “Amber.”


A young woman of 19, labored for days on the dirt floor.

Workinesh, a young woman of 19, labored for days on the dirt floor of her family's dark hut.  Sadly, the woman hemorrhaged, leaving her beautiful baby girl in the arms of the father. Although the father lost his wife, he felt blessed to have his daughter, naming her Miracle.  The Health Gives Hope team first met Miracle when she was a few months old. As our team visited Bora to provide emergency health care to remote villages, we found Miracle malnourished and dehydrated – close to death. We are happy to report that due to the intervention of the Health Gives Hope medical team, baby Miracle has made a miraculous recovery and continues to thrive.