Become a CAREholder.


You’ve heard of shareholders, owning stock in corporations. Maybe you are one. Have you ever considered being a CAREholder?

You can be a CAREholder in the Hidota Health Center ‘owning stock in the clinic’, that is, by investing in the lives of mothers and children in Bora. CAREholders sponsor one week of clinic operations, including medical staff, medication, emergency care, and supplies. 


A monthly gift of $70 provides one week of operations for the Hidota Health Center (or $210/quarterly or $840/annually).


Then we will connect you with the work in Bora. Provide a photo of you, your family or your staff. Tell us about yourself so we can share who you are with the families who receive your life-saving support. Families in Bora will share your generosity at the clinic, the school, and the church. The faithful and beautiful people of Bora will pray for you to have hope and health as well.


Become a FLAGbearer.


We need Flagbearers who give Health Gives Hope a solid foundation, as well as inspire our team for the possibilities at the Hidota Health Center and beyond.  Our Flagbearers ground us and carry us.  They are the individuals, families, churches, and corporations that have made a significant impact by their generosity.  

The Ethiopian flag has three colors: green, yellow, and red.  Green represents the fertile land.  The people of Bora are intimately connected to their land as farmers living without the modern conveniences of plumbing and electricity.  Yellow represents peace and hope.  Chief Meke told our team that he believes that what his people need most is hope, and that health would give them that hope.  Red represents strength and courage.  Ethiopia is a nation of strong people with an ancient culture, having never been colonized by European powers.  They are the lion of Africa.  

Please consider becoming a Flagbearer for Health Gives Hope at one of these levels.


Green: $1,000 annually               Yellow: $1,500 annually               Red: $2,500 annually